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Pflugerville Realty

How quickly 14 years can fly! It feels like yesterday I was beginning my very first day of teaching at Highland Park Elementary (Go Bulldogs!) Being an elementary teacher for four years can teach you a lot of things you didn't know about yourself. Throughout my journey as a teacher and a real estate broker I've learned there are many paths to reach success. Success can be measured by figures and projections or it can be measured by special moments you can help create for others. At Pflugerville Realty we measure success not based on how many houses we project to sell or buy but instead by the families we impact on a positive basis. We measure our success on the relationships we build with the wonderful people of Pflugerville. Our promise to you is not only will we give you our most professional expertise for all your real estate needs, but to also support you with commitment and long-term business relationships. Our partnership with the city of Pflugerville is a positive one we look forward to continuing for years to come! Thank you for supporting our local family business!


Chris, Rebecca, Kylie and Alayna Templeton

Pflugerville Realty


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